A small diference, a great impact

A small diference, a great impact

“Too Good to Go” is a Danish initiative, which presents itself with the mission to reduce food waste in today´s modern society.

            Already present in the cities of “Porto” and “Lisboa”, consumers are able to order food  from a large variety of collaborators through a verified online app. A great percentage of the daily food leftovers of these establishments  would end up in the trash.

Don´t know what to eat? Want something different? Magic Boxes got you covered! In these mystery boxes, the establishments will decide what to give you, one thing is assured, quality, flavor and a lower price, so if you´re feeling indecisive and want to try something new be sure to give them a try.

In a nutshell, “Too good to go” users get access to high quality meals and products, with a lower price and still contribute to reduce food waste in their city, definitely a Win-Win situation and worth looking into.

We don´t know about you, but we sure do love paying less for our meals while helping the society.