My name, Francisco Lusquinos, reveals a deep and long connection to the shoe industry, dating from 1990. 

The mindset for our brand from day one was to be 100% biodegradable, so there was no better and faster decision than using only natural materials.

 With that in mind, we started designing our ideal pair of shoes, but our ideas only started to take shape when we were challenged by a group of college students from England to create a new-disruptive sole. After a long work of investigation, we created a new concept that embraces a natural crepe from the Helea Brasiliensis trees from Brasil, with cork inside from our Oak Cork trees in Portugal, this unique mix gives a fresh and natural look to our shoes. 

Our project is a mix of two styles: casual shoes and the formal shoes, where each style is imbued with the youthful irreverence that I still feel today. They're both almost entirely handmade, here in Portugal, by our partners, or as I like to call them, my friends.

It’s also important to us to have a significant social impact and to give back, especially to those who need the most. That's why we're committed to do one capsule collection with a different charity every season.

Francisco Lusquinos - CEO